Day 024 - Subscription Modal

Day 024 - Subscription Modal

I don't know about you, but the following things really irritate me:
1) The subscription modal popping up as soon as you enter a website. Why the hell would I subscribe to your page when I don't know anything about you yet, and the first thing you do is shove a modal in my face?
2) Alright, I'll bite, I subscribe to your subscription service, and you send me an email full of junk every single day (or sometimes more than that).
End Rant.

So, since I can't do much about the timing of the message in this particular daily ui, I focused on playing up on the subscription modal's headline. Since most subscription modals are probably ignored now for the most part, I wanted something a little more interesting.

The animation could certainly be a little smoother, but this is just a screen recording of my codepen file here:

Feel free to fork it and make it your own!

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