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Over 39 million people use Teaching.com's flagship product, Typing.com to learn and teach typing around the world. Although Typing.com has been around for over a decade, my recent redesigns for the product create a more engaging, and intuitive experience for both students and teachers.

Sales Site Redesign

Ethos, Logos & Pathos

At the beginning of 2018, the team at Teaching.com and I set out to completely redesign and redevelop the entire Typing.com platform in order to make the site more engaging, modern, fun, and easy to use. While I did work on certain integral segments of the student portal and teacher portal in the redesign, my main focus was creating a brand new sales site for the platform. I was solely responsible for the content strategy, visual design and front-end implementation of the sales site.

Immensely creative, diligent, and quick, I found it super easy to work alongside Colin and I still admire him to this day. When I think of Colin's work, I think of the word "clean". Seeing him in action I know that these clean designs only come from deeply understanding the stakeholder needs, thorough research, careful planning, and expert execution.

On a personal level, Colin is a tremendous guy. Generous with his time and kind with his words, I've always enjoyed working and socializing with him in and out of work (especially important for an all remote company). He always was equally as quick to share a new design tool as he was a stakeholder insight or a heartfelt congratulations.

Julian Rosado

Product Designer, Teaching.com

Teacher Portal Redesign

joy & simplicity

The teacher portal has been a huge focus of mine over the last number of years, and in early 2020, I was given the amazing opportunity to undertake a complete redesign of the portal. My wife is a teacher, so I totally sympathize with the pain that teachers go through when they try to use confusing online products.

The redesign mainly focuses on optimizing navigation and usability, but there were also a number of new features we added as well, including the global search.